Module I


Basic Training: Seminar I

In the basic seminar, the essential basics of Lusher diagnostics are taught. The aim of the training is the independent recording of the test, the systematic evaluation with the help of the manual as well as the determination of the therapy strategy in case of indicated abnormality of the test result. 

In addition, the participants learn the “language of test colors”, i.e., the categorical system of colors and the psychological meaning.

Within the framework of group work, the technical aspects of test taking as well as the evaluation of test results can be practiced intensively based on suitable cases. The introduction to conflict analysis and the autoregulation system of self-feelings provide a first insight into the categorial system of Lüscher diagnostics.

Prerequisites for participation are the study material and participation in the introductory webinar (Zoom).


  • Test material PLUS (2021) for Lusher diagnostics: test color book, manual, therapy tables, conflict color booklet and compliance chart

Seminar contents:

The test material and test taking
The basics of the Lusher test

  • Taking the test and recognizing abnormalities
  • Quick overview and reading of the diagnostic
  • structure from the line table
  • and initial therapy recommendations

The meaning of the test colors
The categorical system
The systematic evaluation of the test

  • Difference between striving behavior, condition, and constitutional disposition
  • Contradiction between color and shape choice
  • Recognizing the current frustration and the resulting compensation

The harmony model of self-feelings
Conflict colors and conflict analysis

Degree: Certificate of participation