Max Lüscher Foundation

The MAX LÜSCHER STIFTUNG, based in Lucerne, was founded by Max Lüscher to promote the application and dissemination of all areas of Lüscher diagnostics. It supports scientific research work and publications on Lüscher diagnostics, awards scholarships and research prizes, and provides individual social assistance. Based on the purpose of the Foundation, the MAX LÜSCHER STIFTUNG is classified as a charitable foundation of the type “Supporting Foundation” and is under the supervision of the supervisory authority “Federal Department of Home Affairs”.

Since 2017, the Foundation has been committed to the indexing and documentation of the entire estate of Max Lüscher. In particular, the Foundation wants to arouse interest in the application and scientific research of this special personality diagnosis. In accordance with its goal — the further dissemination of the Lüscher Diagnostic — the MAX LÜSCHER FOUNDATION strives for scientific cooperation in the field of anthropologically based psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy as well as participation in corresponding therapy studies.