Modular Training

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Training at a glance

The entire training program, from the Basic seminar to the Certificate seminar, comprises five three-day seminars that build on each other. The seminars can be booked individually. For optimum learning success, it is advisable to book the following seminars closer together:
First the Basic seminar and the Practical seminar 1 as module 1, then a break so that you can consolidate your knowledge through your experience with the Lusher test. The seminar leaders are available to answer any questions or difficulties you may have. This is followed by the Advanced and Practical seminar 2 as module 2, in which you will learn about further aspects and assessment criteria of Lusher diagnostics.
The Certificate seminar (module) begins with a review of the central topics and provides space for questions from the participants. Each participant then presents a case from their own practice (diagnosis and treatment plan), which is then discussed together. The seminar ends with a brief introduction to the benefits of Lusher diagnostics for HR consulting.

Duration: Three days from Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm to Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. Costs: CHF 750 per seminar
Location: Lusher-Color-Diagnostics AG, Rauracherstrasse 191, CH-4125 Riehen, Switzerland

Module 1

Basic seminar

Prerequisite: test material

The Basic seminar teaches the essential basics of Lusher diagnostics. The aim of the training is to independently record the test and systematically evaluate it using the manuals. With a so-called “quick overview”, you record the abnormalities of the test result and can already roughly recognize the direction of a possible therapy. (Evaluation level 1). As part of group work, you will get to know further technical aspects of the evaluation and can practice these intensively using suitable cases.

In addition, you will be introduced to the language of test colors, in particular the categorical system of colors and their psychological meaning. The introduction to conflict analysis will give you a first impression of the autoregulation system of the psyche, which forms the basis of Lusher diagnostics.

At the end of the seminar, participants are given the task of recording some tests in the time between the basic seminar and the practical seminar and carrying out initial analyses according to the criteria they have learned (assessment at level 1). These cases can then be discussed together in the practical seminar.

Control questions at the end of the seminar help to consolidate what has been learned.

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Completion: Certificate of attendance

Practical seminar 1

The prerequisite is participation in the Basic seminar and the recording of some tests.

In Practical seminar 1, the knowledge acquired is practiced intensively using the participants' case studies. Difficulties and questions regarding test recording and evaluation can be clarified together.

In addition, further techniques of evaluation are introduced (level 2), which enable the participants to gain a more profound insight into the case studies: recognition of fixations, contradictions, tensions, connection between frustration and compensation, etc. (group work and plenary).

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Completion: Certificate of attendance

Module 2

Advanced seminar

Prerequisites are participation in the Basic seminar, Practical seminar 1 and the recording and evaluation of some tests. 

The Advanced seminar provides the theoretical knowledge required to understand the Lusher cube and categorical analysis. This makes it possible to grasp the concrete connections between frustration and compensation and the underlying fears.

The Lusher cube illustrates the basic mental structures and their interconnectedness. Their manifestations in the various forms of behavior in the context of basic fears can be explained on this basis.

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Completion: Certificate of participation

Practical seminar 2

The prerequisite is participation in the basic, practical and advanced seminars as well as the recording and evaluation of some tests.

In Practical seminar 2, participants learn about the autoregulation system of the psyche as a basis for therapy development. With the help of normative self-feelings, the misguided ego images can be analyzed and targeted strategies for counter-regulation in the sense of mental therapy can be developed. Elaborated therapy tables support you in developing a therapy plan.

The introduction to “ethical norms” gives you an insight into the connection between individual ethics and social ethics, and is particularly helpful in social therapies. Practical seminar 2 concludes with an overview of the various forms of therapy.

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Completion: Certificate of participation

Module 3

Certificate seminar

Prerequisite is the participation in all four seminar units as well as the presentation of one special test from your practice, including a therapy plan.

The Certificate seminar concludes the training. The central topics are recapitulated at the beginning so that the participants are aware of them. The participants then present their case descriptions. Considering the analysis criteria learned, the diagnosis structure is to be worked out and then the therapy structure derived. The aim is to develop a treatment plan appropriate to the diagnosis.

The certificate seminar concludes with a brief insight into the use of Lusher diagnostics in the field of personnel consulting. Participants then receive their certificate.

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Certificate: Certificate

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